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Assam Olympic Association Warns To Disapprove Silchar DSA In A Dubious Letter

It’s a flashback of 2019 again, when Assam Olympic Association (AOA) threatened to cancel the approval of Silchar District Sports Association. AOA issues the same threat again. They made it clear that, they would cancel the approval, if Silchar District Sports Association held its biannual conference again, and don’t concurs with the advisories of AOA. They have issued a show cause notice and asked for clarification within one week.

We have to move back to 2019, to contextualise the events. In 2019, Silchar DSA held its biannual conference, the conference was marked with anomalies during the voting process of lifetime members. In that conference, they gave voting rights to every each lifetime members, abiding by the previous circulars.The few members brought it into the notice of AOA.

Objections were registered with AOA regarding the voting rights of lifetime members. AOA had constituted an inquiry committee to look into the matter.

AOA informed that several clubs had approached them with allegations of defying the organisational constitution. So they issued an order to Silchar DSA, to held biannual conference according to their advisories. AOA had given a definite time frame to Silchar DSA. But due to the outbreak of COVID, Sicilar DSA could not held their conference.

In early part of 2020, Silchar DSA came up with a reformation committee, but the process was delayed due to the Pandemic. At the end of 2020, that committee had suggested for few changes in the process, which the governing body had approved earlier this year. But the conference was not held due to Assembly Election and second wave of COVID.

On October 2nd, the governing body had approved few more reformation in the process, and these new reformations were to be proposed at the conference on October 31st for approval. And AOA was notified time to time regarding this developments.

Funny part is that, the letter that AOA sent to Silchar DSA, clearly mentions Biannual Conference in the subject line, however, the dates for the biannual conference is not been decided yet.

On 31st October, a special general meeting will be held. In that meeting the suggested reforms would be placed for approval (if everyone agrees to it). AOA has also mentioned in its letter that, clubs whose membership were cancelled by Silchar DSA had complained to AOA.

But the matter to be noticed that, AOA itself warned Silchar DSA regarding the violation of its advisories, but now, when Silchar DSA took the initiative to discard membership of inactive clubs and institutions, according to AOA’s advisory, AOA again flagging their steps.

The problem lies here, Silchar DSA have cancelled membership of almost 20 clubs, including educational institutions adhering to the constitution. The constitution clearly mandates, if any club, institution remain inactive for two consecutive years , then their membership can be discarded. Even the governing council had also approved this step.

Now the question is, Silchar DSA is a sovereign body. They have their own constitution. And they functions according to it. So by what authority AOA is intervening into the matter of Silchar DSA?

Many questions are being raised, Silchar DSA is yet to held their Biannual meeting, so how can AOA writes a letter regarding it ?

Silchar DSA reserves all rights to decide who can be their member and who is not.

More interesting is, AOA’s letter has no seal and signature of its secratary. And the letter is addressed to the secratary of DSA, the committee is yet to be recognised by AOA. And on what ground AOA is threatening to cancel DSA’s approval ? Does AOA is authorised to take such decission ? Silchar DSA had asked for AOA’s constitution two years back. But DSA has not been provided with any constitution yet.

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