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Assam Police Commando dies from short circuit, tragic Incident Occurs While Charging Phone and Playing Game

A tragic incident occurred this morning in the Lowarbond area of Dwarbond, leading to the untimely death of Amar Jyoti Taid, a Constable with the Second Assam Commando Battalion. Taid, who was charging his mobile phone and playing a video game at his camp, was electrocuted due to a short circuit and his phone was caught on fire.

The accident happened early in the morning while Taid was stationed at the Dwarbond Commando Battalion camp. It is reported that he came into contact with a live wire during the short circuit, resulting in a fatal electrocution. The Dwarbond Police immediately rushed him to the Silchar Medical College and Hospital, where he was declared “brought dead” by the attending doctors.

Amar Jyoti Taid had recently passed his recruitment exam and joined the Assam Police Commando force 1.5 years ago. His body has been sent for postmortem examination at the hospital to determine the exact cause of death.

This incident has cast a pall of gloom over the Dwarbond Commando Battalion camp, where Taid was known for his dedication and service. Fellow officers and personnel are in shock, mourning the loss of their colleague.

Authorities are investigating the circumstances that led to the short circuit and ensuring that safety protocols are reviewed to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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