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Assam’s DGP GP Singh Takes Command: Karimganj SP Oversees Temple Restoration as Investigation Advances

In a significant development following the shocking vandalism of a 200-year-old temple in Damcherra Tripura Punji of Ratabari, Assam Director General of Police (DGP) GP Singh has taken a proactive step towards restoring the sanctity of the desecrated religious site. This marks a crucial turning point in the aftermath of the temple arson, as the DGP has personally instructed the repair process, emphasizing adherence to religious protocols.

DGP GP Singh, recognizing the emotional and spiritual significance of the temple to the local community, directed the Superintendent of Police (SP) of Karimganj Police, Partha Protim Das, to oversee the restoration efforts. The SP, in compliance with the DGP’s instructions, announced that a ‘Suddhi’ Puja, a purification ceremony, will be conducted at the temple before commencing the repair and repainting process. This approach aims to ensure that the temple is restored to its optimal condition, providing solace to the affected local residents.

“Under the guidance of DGP Sir, we have initiated the repair work in earnest, and it will be conducted with utmost priority,” stated SP Partha Protim Das. The DGP’s personal involvement in the restoration process reflects a commitment to not only justice but also the preservation of the communal harmony that the vandalized temple represents.

While the investigation into the heinous act of setting the temple ablaze is ongoing, SP Das refrained from divulging specific details to the media. He affirmed, “The investigation is underway, and we are actively working towards identifying the culprits. We anticipate bringing the perpetrators to justice soon.”

The police have taken a comprehensive approach to maintain law and order in the region, organizing peace meetings between various communities in different parts of Damcherra Tripura Punji of Ratabari. These efforts are aimed at preventing any potential communal conflicts and fostering a sense of unity among the diverse communities residing in the area.

While official sources remain tight-lipped about the details of the incident, local informants close to the developments have hinted at a possible land dispute underlying the temple arson. According to these sources, one party aims to displace another from the same religious community, and the temple has become a pawn in this contentious dispute.

The temple, a place of worship for Hindus venerating Shiva, Narayana, and Lakshmi, fell victim to unidentified miscreants on November 6, triggering a swift response from the Karimganj Police, who launched a comprehensive investigation into the incident. As the repair work commences under the watchful eye of the Assam DGP, the community looks forward to the restoration of their cherished place of worship and the swift resolution of the ongoing investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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