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“Baser Ghore Matir Maa”: Apostles Kali Puja Committee set to mesmerise devotees in its 36th year with Rural Bengal theme

The anticipation is high as the Apostles Kali Puja Committee gears up for its 36th-year of Kali Puja celebration, promising to captivate devotees with a thematic showcase of rural Bengal’s rich cultural and artistic heritage.

This year’s theme, “Baser Ghore Matir Maa”, takes centre stage, bringing to life the vanished landscapes of rural Bengal throughout the entire Pandal premises. The 40 feet high Pandal stands as a testament to the lost art of rural Bengal, featuring traditional elements like lokkhisora, alpona and clay dolls.

Renowned artist Panchanan Debnath from West Bengal is constructing the bamboo Pandal, while the skilled hands of Nabendu Chakraborty from Lakhipur, assisted by artisans from Nabadwip, craft the idol of Maa Kali. Lighting maestro Asim Mondal from Nabadwip is adding his touch to illuminate the spectacle.

The budget for this grand celebration is an impressive high of 8-10 lakh rupees. The Pandal is scheduled to be inaugurated on November 12 at 6 pm by esteemed residents of old age home, symbolising community inclusivity. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the divine ambiance from November 12 to 14.

The designations of Apostles Club members are as follows :

President : Arabinda Sikdar

Vice President: Piyal Deb, Mohitosh Mondol, Mridul Tarat

General Secretary : Sanjay Deb

Assistant General General Secretary: Loitosh Das

Club General Secretary: Kisan Das

Media Secretary: Joydeep Chakraborty

Treasurer: Joshit Ghosh, Sanjay Das

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