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Cachar Paper Mill to be revived by the government, AIDCL invites tender and expression of interest

After the death of 110 workers and a very long wait, the Assam Government has issued an expression of interest and notice inviting tender for the Cachar Paper Mill in Panchgram. The tender invites bidders for a 30-year lease of the machinery and the land of the paper mill along with the township. The bidding process started online from November 14 and will end on January 9, 2022.

This notification was issued by Assam Industrial Development Corporation Limited under the Ministry of Commerce. The tender states, “Lease of Plant & Machinery along with land, Lease of Township area with Civil Structures, Lease of Vacant land of Cachar Paper Mill” and “Sale of Plant & Machinery of Nagaon Paper Mill without land” on an “As is where is” basis.” The three categories of the transaction include machinery, land area and township, along with vacant lands. The first category of the transition states, “Lease of Plant & Machinery area with Plant, machinery and equipment of Cachar Paper Mill for revival of the paper mill on as is where is basis.” 659 bigha land falls under this category. In the second category, 924 bigha land is available in the transaction category stating, “Lease of township area of Cachar Paper Mill along with the Civil Structures in the township on as is where basis”. 1333 bigha vacant land also forms the third category in the lease, on a “is as where” basis.

All these transaction categories are made available for a 30-year lease period. The notification also states, “The Bidders can Bid for any or all the Transaction Categories and the Financial Bid shall be evaluated as per the evaluation process as mentioned in the EOI/Tender documents. The EOI/Tender document can be downloaded from the Assam Government e-Procurement Portal website from 16.11.2022. The last date of online bid submission at Assam Government e-Procurement Portal website is 09.01.2023 up to 16.00 Hrs”.

Manabendra Chakraborty, the President of the Joint Action Committee of Recognized Unions (JACRU) of the Nagaon and Cachar paper mills in this regard said, “We are thankful to everyone who has supported our movement to restart the functioning of the paper mill. The Assam Government has accepted to revive the Cachar Paper Mill through a third party. Since 2014, there have been various strategies and talks to shut and sell the paper mill but with the mass movement from Barak along with the employees, it was saved from being sold. Just for a debt of 98 lakh, the paper mill was declared bankrupt and the decision was to sell the paper mill. But after the Himanta Biswa Sarma government came into power the acquisition happened after paying 375 crore rupees”. Hopefully, the president also mentioned that the youths of this valley will get new avenues of employment and income after the revival of this paper mill happens.

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