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Cachar Police initiates action after 48 hours; Detains one for assaulting traffic Police constable in Sadarghat

Due to renovation at the Old Barak Bridge, also known as the Sadarghat Bridge that connects Rongpur with Silchar, there is always a traffic jam at both ends of the Barak river during the peak hours. On Monday morning, when the jam was at its worst, Traffic Police Constable Samir Ahmed, deployed at the Rongpur side of the bridge, indicated to stop a Magic Truck approaching the bridge.

The truck driver did not stop and tried to ignore the indication from the constable. The constable then whacked his stick to hit the body of the truck, but that incidentally damaged the looking glass of the vehicle. The driver immediately stopped the vehicle creating chaos amidst the jam.

The driver started arguing with the cop and soon others joined, primarily to watch what unfolds. The argument got heated and people joined the “Mar Mar” (Hit Hit) chorus. Within the blink of an eye, the constable was being manhandled by the mob. He had to eventually run away from his place of duty to protect his life and dignity.

While the incident occurred on Monday, it is only on Wednesday afternoon the Police initiated action against this heinous act. Today, Kamalesh Singh, in charge of Traffic, Silchar, detained the driver of the tempo truck who initiated the argument with the constable. Identified as Monai Sheikh, the driver has been detained for interrogation is what the Police have informed.

The action begins after the video went viral on social media. The video features the attack on the Constable in uniform. The question however is, why did the Police play down the incident of a mob attack on a Police constable in uniform? In fact, if sources are to be believed, the matter was “mutually settled” out of Police station. If the Police continue the probe and detain others involved in the case is something that remains to be seen.

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