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CM Himanta Biswa Sarma announces ambitious development plans during Barak Valley visit, Says will consider separate Barak if people want it

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma commenced a two-day visit to the Barak Valley today, making significant announcements and inaugurating key infrastructure projects aimed at transforming the region. The day began early for the CM with his arrival in Silchar, setting the tone for a day filled with inaugurations and interactions.

One of the highlights of the day was the foundation stone laying ceremony for the 21 km long Silchar-Kalain road, a move set to enhance connectivity in the area significantly. CM Sarma’s itinerary also included the inauguration of vital bridges, including the Badrighat bridge (worth 58 crores), Annapurna Ghat bridge (worth 87 crores) and the Dungirpar bridge over the Sonai river (worth 18 crores). These projects are expected to bolster transportation infrastructure in the region.

Speaking to journalists after a public meeting at DSA ground, CM Sarma shared further details about the State Government’s ambitious plans for Cachar district. He revealed that in the upcoming session of the Assam Assembly, the prestigious GC College would be elevated to a University through the passage of a bill. Additionally, three major projects are set to transform Silchar, including an elevated corridor from Ramnagar to Trunk Road, a 1 km long flyover above sinking zone in Ramnagar and another flyover connecting Capital Point to Rangirkhari. A new bridge at Madhuraghat is also in the works.

In terms of healthcare infrastructure, CM Sarma announced the construction of a Super Speciality Medical College in Cachar by the end of this year. He expressed optimism about the timely completion of a 500-bedded hospital at Silchar Medical College by April next year.

Regarding transportation, the CM expressed confidence in the progress of the East-West Corridor, attributing it to the efforts of NHAI and NHIDCL in Dima Hasao. He anticipates that this vital corridor will soon open for traffic.

CM Sarma also addressed social issues, disclosing that by December, polygamy would be banned in Assam and there would be a second crackdown on child marriage after September 15. He clarified that the Assam Government was not interfering with the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) for the time being, leaving the formulation of such a law to the Central Government’s discretion.

He informed that former MLA Dilip Paul met with him applied to join the BJP. The party will consider the decision.

The Chief Minister expressed satisfaction with the delimitation process in Barak Valley, noting the overwhelming happiness among the populace. He suggested that the majority of the residents were content with the outcome and only a minority of “left-minded people and Congress supporters” expressing concerns over it. He expressed firm conviction that the region would get atleast 9-10 MLAs from the ruling party in the next elections.

Addressing the controversial issue of statehood for Barak Valley which resurfaced after the recent delimitation again, the Chief Minister notably asserted that the Government will not oppose a separate Barak Valley state if the people of the region want it. It is a decision that should be taken by the people of Barak Valley through their collective consent and not based on what a few leftists say. He concluded by reaffirming the prevailing sentiment he encounters during his visits to Barak Valley, stating, “Whenever I come, people of Barak Valley tell me that they want to remain a part of Assam and not listen to supporters of separate Barak.”

CM Sarma’s remarks underscore the need for a clear and widely supported mandate from the region’s populace to move forward for any potential statehood demand.

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