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Covid-19: Cachar DC Keerthi Jalli visits quarantine centre to take stock of arrangement

In a bid to assess the quarantine facilities, Cachar Deputy Commissioner Keerthi Jalli, visited the NATRIP Udharbondh along with District development Commissioner Jessica Lalsim on Monday to take stock of the COVID-19 situation at the quarantine centre.

During her visit, Jalli made a detailed discussion with circle officer, Udharbondh, Jayanta Chakrabarty and Nodal officer of the quarantine centre Ashit Dev, Executive engineer, Water resources, the Deputy Commissioner learnt about the status of inmates at the quarantine center at NATRIP and also took note of the manifold issues faced by the officials at the centre.

Deputy Commissioner inspected all the buildings and enquired about the drinking water facilities, sanitisation and toilet facilities being provided to the inmates admitted at the quarantine cente. She spoke with the inmates and enquired about their health status and quality of the foods being provided to them at the centre. Further she stressed upon the need of additional beds to be provided at the centre and said that emphasis on transforming this centre in to 100 bedded capacity responding to the increasing demand of quarantined people coming from outside.

Later in the afternoon Deputy Commissioner, accompanied by District Development Commissioner Jessica Lalsim visited hotel centre palace at central road which was declared as containment zone on Sunday following a patient Swapan Nayek,a 28-year-old male who was quarantined at this hotel coming back from Chennai was tested positive. Jalli spoke to the manager of this hotel and expressed her gratitude for cooperating with the District Administration Cachar. She urged people not to get panicked as things are being taken under control and there is no external spread of the disease by any means.

“There is no leakage of the disease in the society as the other passengers who had travelled with the COVID-19 positive patient are in quarantine centres and kept under close watch with all facilities as per protocol. People must not get panicked by any stretch of imagination. However, they must remain alert and follow the lockdown rules” she added.

It is pertinent to mention here that by clause 12 of Governor of Assam and made under the Regulations ‘The Assam COVID-19 Regulations, 2020, the area inside the following geographical boundaries in the circumference of Hotel Centre Palace wherein the person was quarantined, including hotel Divyam in the North, hotel Swagat in the south, Central Road on the east and Arun Kumar Chanda Market Complex on the west have been sealed with immediate effect. Unauthorised entry and exit in the contained area will not be allowed. Vehicular movement along the said area is strictly prohibited. Also, stricter enforcement of statutory directions for social distancing has to be implemented,” the order stated

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