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“COVID19 is a viral infection, not a social evil or a social stigma,” Megh Nidhi Dahal, Hailakandi DC

The Hailakandi district administration has appealed to the people to come forward voluntarily to have their swab tested to prevent further transmission of coronavirus in the community.

Deputy Commissioner, Hailakandi, Megh Nidhi Dahal said there is no need for anyone to fear or panic if found COVID-19 positive as every possible care is being taken in the COVID Care Centres.

The DC added, the administration has set up 19 numbers of testing facility and swab collection centres at prominent places across the district, besides Nazrul Sadan premises where people can come and get their swab examined instantly under the Rapid Antigen Test. “There is no need to fear as early detection of positive cases will help in arresting the spread of the disease in the community and enable quick treatment at the COVID Care Centres and in isolation wards of hospitals,” said Dahal.

The administration has made all possible arrangements at the COVID Care Centres right from accommodation to food and recreational activities for the inmates so that they are comfortably placed and feel quite at home. A team of doctors and para medics are stationed at these centres round the clock to nurse and take care of the medical needs of the inmates.
Everything is being constantly monitored by the Deputy Commissioner assisted by a team of officials and centre incharge so that the inmates housed in the centres can spend their days comfortably and leisurely. CCTVs are being installed at vantage points to ensure smooth and hassle-free functioning of these centres.

Dahal said the administration has no problems in placing asymptomatic persons under home isolation provided they follow all the COVID-19 related protocols and guidelines.

The Deputy Commissioner urged everyone not to discriminate or attach any stigma to a patient saying that the fight is against the disease and not with the person afflicted with it. “Do not attach stigma to COVID-19 patients. It is a viral infection, not a social evil or a social stigma”, he said.

Clarifying the fear about the infection, the Deputy Commissioner said the pandemic required better preparation to face, and there is no need to panic as the administration is geared up to meet any exigency. “I am worried an infected person may suffer more due to fear of being ostracized, than the virus itself”, he added.

Dahal appealed to the public to rise in unison in the fight against COVID-19 to emerge triumphant.

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