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Daylight robbery in Udharbond SBI CSP, Helmet-Wearing Thief Snatches 2.10 lakh Cash

In a startling incident that occurred around 9:25 this morning, Nasrin Haidor Barbhuiya, the operator of a State Bank of India (SBI) Customer Service Point (CSP), was robbed of 2.10 lakh rupees. The robbery took place as she was opening the shutter of her CSP located in the Kolartol area in Udharbond’s Bahadurpur.

Barbhuiya recounted the incident, stating that while she was unlocking the shutter, a helmet-wearing man approached her. Before she could react, the man grabbed the bag she had placed on the ground and fled. A second accomplice was waiting on a motorcycle nearby. The thief jumped onto the bike, and the duo sped away, disappearing from sight. Barbhuiya was unable to identify the culprits or read the number plate of the motorcycle.

In her FIR filed at the Udharbond Police Station, Barbhuiya detailed the events leading up to the robbery. Her CSP is affiliated with the Rongpur Branch of the State Bank of India.

The local police have initiated an investigation into the matter. Efforts are underway to identify and apprehend the suspects involved in this audacious daylight robbery.

Barbhuiya expressed her distress over the incident, stating, “This man was wearing a helmet and I couldn’t identify him. I had just kept the bag to open the shutter and at that moment he ran away with the bag. There was another man ready with the bike on the road, he ran with the bag, climbed the bike, and rode away and disappeared. I could not even read the number plate.”

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