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Devastating Fire Turns Three Homes to Ashes in Dholai: Firefighters Arrives Late Due to Alleged Traffic

On May 25, Saturday around 3:30 PM, a devastating fire completely destroyed three homes in Jamalpur village under Jamalpur GP in the Dhalai area. Family members affected by the fire reported that the blaze started due to an electrical short circuit.

Residents of the village, Atabur Rahman Barbhuiya and his two sons, Faizul Haque Barbhuiya and Siraj Uddin Barbhuiya, lived in separate homes within the same house premises. Around 3 PM, Atabur Rahman’s family members noticed a fire in the electrical meter installed in their home. The fire quickly spread throughout the entire house. Hearing their screams, local people rushed to the scene and attempted to control the fire while also calling the fire service.

One of the family members stated that due to heavy winds, no one could extinguish the fire, and everything turned to ashes. They also informed that the inception of the fire occurred from a short circuit in the electric meter. One of the locals from the area informed that the affected family is financially weak and this incident would take a huge toll on them.

Two fire engines arrived about an hour and a half late and managed to bring the fire under control. By the time the fire was extinguished, the homes of Atabur Rahman and his two sons were completely destroyed, and another nearby house was partially damaged. All furniture and important documents in the three homes were reduced to ashes. The estimated loss is expected to be several lakh rupees.

Local residents blamed the delay of the fire engines on severe traffic congestion at Bhagabazar. Fire engines from Dhalai left for the scene as soon as they were informed, but it took at least half an hour to get through the traffic. The locals expressed their anger, saying that if there had been no traffic jam, the fire engines could have arrived at least half an hour earlier, potentially reducing the extent of the damage.

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