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Doctors, Police Officials, Army Personnel among 49 new COVID positive cases in Barak Valley

Monday saw a huge spike in the number of cases in Barak Valley. 28 tested positive from Cachar while 21 were found infected by Coronavirus in Hailakandi.

Green Heals Hospital in Meherpur, where Dr. Orina Raha had performed a surgery remained in news on July 6. Its director, Rudra Narayan Gupta tested positive, so did veteran gynecologist Dr. Monika Deb. Apart from them, Babita Singha (23), L Sonia Chanu (25), Sabita Karmakar (51), Mamoni Nunia (19), Sadika Sultana Choudhury (23), Suparna Barai (27) tested positive from the hospital.

Monday saw two more additions in the list of junior doctors to test COVID positive. After 11 yesterday, Rakesh (25), Athili Leshini (25) tested positive today, they had come to take admission to the postgraduate courses in Silchar Medical College and Hospital.

Sabila Begum Laskar (39) of Cachar was among one of those who were tested because she had come in close contact with a COVID positive patient. She too tested positive.

The administration is continuing its drive of testing people under the Assam Targeted Surveillance Programme (ATSP). On Monday, Tilak Das (22) tested positive from the Nestle factory in Ramnagar. He becomes the second individual to test positive from the same warehouse. He said he works as a warehouse manager at the Ramnagar Unit of Maggi Manufacturer.

Placed under facility quarantine in Masimpur Military Hospital in Cachar, Prabhakaran Mishra (26), Mandal D (28), Laskar (28), Deepak Kumar (45) tested COVID positive.

Apart from them there were many individuals with travel history who tested positive, they are” Kumbirgram’s Hasimuddin Khan (37) from Kolkata, Katigorah’s Abdul Kalam Barbhuiya (26) from Bangalore, NIT Silchar’s Kumar Mithilesh (41) from Patna, Ramnagar’s Bijon Das (32) from Kolkata, Arunachal’s Mostafa Choudhury (23) from Kerala, Ashram Road’s Sanvi Subra (15 months) from Patna, Didarush part IV’s Khalid Hasan (20) from Bangalore, Banskadi’s Jilkadar Laskar (18) from Bangalore, Ashram Road’s Manish Kumar (34) from Patna, Ashram Road’s Sudhta Singh (34) from Patna, KV Kumbhirgram’s Poonam Kumari (56) from Bihar, Rajnagar’s Anowar Hussain (25) from Bangalore,

Little less than Cachar, but Hailakandi too saw a signifcant rise in the number of cases, especially with those without a travel history. As per the information disseminated by Hailakandi DIPRO, 21 individuals from the district tested positive on Monday.

Dr. Rudhasankar Chakraborty of Kalinagar BPHC became the first doctor from Hailakandi to test COVID positive.

The spread of the virus among Police officials continues in Hailkandi as more found positive on Monday. Hailakandi PS, town, Mirjanul Alom (26) and Gopeshwar Singha (54) tested COVID positive.

The rest are,  Anamuddin, 21, Alimuddin, 28, Afsaruddin, 36, Fojila Begum Laskar, 50, Gule Ahmed Mazumder, 24, Mohesh Ludh, 20, Deepak Debnath, 30, Pramud Bharma, 35, Tapan Rabha, 28, Sushant Das, 36, Baharul Islam Barbhuiya, 26, Bindesh Kumar Sharma, 28, Sashi Kumar Kannujiya, 29, D.R.Halder, 57, Samil Hussain Barbhuiya, 20, Farukh Khan, 49, Abu Sufian Barbhuiya, 20, Bilal Hussain Barbhuiya, 22.

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