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“Flag March in Dolu is to build confidence and not induce fear,” Cachar SP; Warns action will be taken if “unnecessary protests” continue

Superintendent of Police, Cachar, Dr. Ramandeep Kaur has called for a press conference today to brief the media about the current situation in Dolu. SP Kaur said that a memorandum has already been inked between the Government of Assam and the Tea Estate management where the latter has agreed to handover the land to the government for the construction of the Greenfield Airport.

She mentioned that several trade unions and representatives of Tea Garden workers are also signatories to the memorandum of understanding. Now, as per the understanding, the land should be handed over to the Government. Since last couple of days, the Cachar Police has been flag marching in the area. Today, hundreds of tea garden workers launched a protest. Some of them raised slogans like, “Police Go Back”. They said that the Police is exhibiting show of might to scare them.

Today, SP Ramandeep Kaur clarified the stance of the Police, “Flag March in Dolu is to build confidence and not induce fear,” she said. Adding, “It is our way of communicating that the Police is with them and although several rounds of discussions have already happened, in case there are still some issues that they want to discuss, they can approach us.”

There are rumours that ADGP, GP Singh is going to visit the spot tomorrow. When asked if senior officers from the state headquarters will visit Dolu tomorrow, the SP dodged the question. “Visits of senior officers are a part of routine exercise. Our priority when it comes to Dolu is to ensure that there is no breach of law and order,” she said.

The SP, reiterating the civil administration said that there is no question of any loss of employment as a part of the understanding, the tea garden workers will be rehabilitated to a different plantation zone. “All this has been discussed and despite all the assurances, if there are some who continue to protest without any reason, then the Police will take action as per law,” asserted SP Cachar, Ramandeep Kaur.

She added that the District Administration is open to further discussions in order to mitigate the communication gaps if any. She concluded saying that combined effort to ensure peaceful handover of the land as per the terms that has already been agreed upon.

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