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From Silchar to Sunburn: Ritik Bhattacharya’s Electrifying Journey in Electronic Music

What does music mean to you? I have a friend who says music is her life, and then there are those who make it possible. The ones who make “music their life”. From the spirit of your college fest to Saturday night clubbing and parties of all kinds, if there’s one person at the center of the party, controlling your moves to the beats, it’s the DJ. They’re not just responsible for the selection of music, but for dropping the beats, setting the mood, and holding the party together in a sense.

Silchar-based multi-genre record producer, songwriter, and DJ, Ritik Bhattacharya is one such extraordinary artist. He started by playing the tabla at the insistence of his father, but eventually, toying around with his laptop led him to discover David Guetta. That’s the origin story of JAXXINATOR, the stage name of Bhattacharya, and his love for Electronic Dance Music. This Silchar-based musician recently performed at the Sunburn Festival in Mumbai alongside the sensational world-famous DJ Marshmallow.

In a chat with Barak Bulletin’s Jnanendra Das, Ritik, aka Jaxxinator, opens up about his journey from his home studio to the big stage. Here are the edited excerpts from the conversation:

Let’s start with an obvious question, did you get to see Marshmello’s face?

That’s a secret. But yes, I did! It was a backstage moment. His anonymity adds to the mystique of his performance, creating an unforgettable experience for both the audience and fellow performers like myself.

So, to begin with, how did the Sunburn big stage happen?

It was a long journey and more than 10 years of dedication, hard work, and networking within the music industry, building relationships with event organizers and fellow artists. I joined the Sunburn Academy in 2023, where they organized a DJ competition, and fortunately, I won. That was a big push, along with all the grind that is necessary. I was fortunate enough to be offered this incredible opportunity.

What was it like sharing the same stage as Marshmello?

That was the most electrifying experience! First of all, witnessing him live, meeting him in person, and even shaking hands with him was like a dream I still can’t get over. His energy is infectious, and performing alongside such a renowned artist was both humbling and inspiring. It pushed me to elevate my performance and connect with the audience at a deeper level. He was one of my earliest inspirations; I grew up listening to and looking up to him.

Tell me about the Sunburn experience.

The Sunburn experience was nothing short of magical. Performing at one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world, surrounded by passionate fans and talented artists, was a dream come true. The energy of the crowd, the stunning production, and such amazing and friendly crew members made me feel at home in Mumbai, and the sense of community made it an unforgettable experience.

Let’s talk about your initial days. How did Jaxxinator come to life?

It all started 10 years back when I was just a kid with no idea what music production, songwriting, composing, or DJing was. Of course, I learned Tabla before all of this discovery. I was just messing around with my laptop on YouTube one rainy evening in my living room when I stumbled upon a video of “David Guetta” performing at a music festival, which was none other than “Tomorrowland,” my dream destination and the ultimate goal now to perform there one day. I was so amused by that video of him performing live. Honestly, I never knew that DJing could be that huge worldwide. That was a turning point in life where the spark within me ignited, and “JAXXINATOR” was born.


Ritik Bhattacharya's Electrifying Journey in Electronic Music - Exploring the Rise of Jaxxinator
Ritik Bhattacharya’s Electrifying Journey in Electronic Music – Exploring the Rise of Jaxxinator

Did you study music, or are you self-taught, with an interest in music?

While I have a deep passion for music, I am primarily self-taught. I’ve spent countless hours honing my craft, experimenting with different sounds, and learning from successes and failures. However, I also believe in the importance of continuous learning and remaining open to new techniques and perspectives. It’s been more than 10 years in the making, filled with countless studio sessions, a lot of gigs, collaboration with various artists, working for short films, movies, and ghost-producing for other musicians and networking events. Each step of the way, I’ve learned and grown as an artist, constantly pushing myself to improve and chase my dreams.

How was the beginning? Did you start as a DJ?

I had no plans to become a music producer or DJ initially. I started this just for fun, as a hobby, you know. After spending a year or so with music, my interests developed gradually. I did not start as a DJ; I come from a music production background. I wanted to be a music director for films, to compose and produce music. I went down a rabbit hole of producing music, and that’s where I found a DJ within me. Spinning tracks at local venues, parties, and small events. Each performance helped me refine my skills and gain valuable experience.

Are you currently pursuing music full-time?

Yes, music is my full-time pursuit and my greatest passion. Whether performing live, producing tracks in the studio, or collaborating with other artists, I am fully committed to my musical journey and dedicated to pushing the boundaries of my creativity. But I don’t know where destiny will take me. For now, I’m just going with the flow and doing what I love the most.



What are your top 5 favorite songs?

That is quite an interesting question to ask someone surrounded by music all day. It is very difficult to narrow it down to 5, but here are some of my favorites. The very first one would be “So Far Away” by my idol Martin Garrix, second, “We Don’t Talk Anymore” by Charlie Puth, third one would be “Power Over Me” by Dermot Kennedy, fourth, I would say, “Akhiyaan” by Mitraz, and there are so many difficult choices for the final one that I will just keep it an inexhaustive list.

How many songs did you write? Which one is your favorite?

I didn’t count, honestly, but maybe around 350. Some of them are just first drafts, some released, and some I am still working on. So among them, I think “Khwaab” would be my favorite; it was one of the first songs I released.

You have always wanted to perform at Sunburn, and you have achieved that. So what’s next for Jaxxinator?

While performing at Sunburn was a major milestone for me, this was not my ultimate and only goal. As I have mentioned before, my love for “Tomorrowland”

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