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Goods train collides with Alto Car on Railway Crossing in Kayasthagram, Three Narrowly Escapes

A near-fatal accident was averted today when three individuals narrowly escaped from their Alto car before it was struck by a goods train. The incident occurred on a railway track near Duaribagar in Karimgan’s Kayasthagram area. It highlighted the critical absence of a railway-level crossing gate. The car, registered under number AS 10A 1511, became immobilized while crossing the tracks, leaving its occupants in a desperate situation.

Fortunately, they managed to flee the vehicle moments before the train collided with it. The impact dragged the car over 200 meters along the tracks, and the train came to a halt in the middle of its route towards Tripura.

Local residents played a crucial role in resolving the situation, working together to free the wreckage from the track after a two-hour stoppage. The train was then able to continue its journey, but the incident raised serious concerns about safety measures at the crossing.

A bystander at the scene describing the harrowing experience said, “The train was at high speed as it wasn’t scheduled to stop here. With no gates or signals, this place is a hazard for anyone crossing. We don’t know the timings of all the trains. Today’s incident was a close call, but thankfully, the three people inside the car escaped unharmed. The train couldn’t stop and dragged the car for a few hundred meters.”

The lack of crossing gates and signals poses a significant risk to the lives of residents and travellers, and today’s near-miss serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for action.

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