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Heat Stroke Kills Security Guard from Badarpur

Residents of Barak Valley have been struggling to cope with extreme heat for the past few days, making daily tasks challenging. Reports of students fainting across the valley prompted DC Cachar to announce new school timings. Tragically, on Sunday, a security guard in Badarpur lost his life, reportedly due to a heat stroke.

The incident occurred in Badarpurghat area, where a 38-year-old security guard named Amar Sinha collapsed while on duty at the main gate of Valley Cement Company. Amar, who had only started working there two days ago, was unaware that his new job would lead to such an unfortunate fate.

Amar Sinha was rushed to the hospital after becoming unwell. Upon arrival, doctors declared him dead. According to reports, doctors have confirmed that his death was due to a heat stroke.

Following his demise, Amar’s body was taken to Silchar Medical College and Hospital for a postmortem report. This incident has heightened concerns among residents of the valley about the rising temperatures and their potentially deadly effects.

The issue of rising temperatures is a concern throughout the state. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma recently stated via his social media handles that he is closely monitoring the situation.

High temperatures, exacerbated by global warming, have significantly impacted our climate. Many Indian cities are experiencing some of their highest recorded temperatures this year, causing widespread worry. To stay safe, people are advised to stay hydrated, avoid direct sunlight during peak hours, and take other general precautions to mitigate the effects of the heat.

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