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Jyoti Quiz and Debate, “entry closed” announce organisers; here is the list of participating institutions 

Cultural organisation, Jyoti is back with its intercollege debate and quiz competition. To be held on November 9 and 10 at Rajiv Bhawan in Silchar both NERICID and NERICIQ are expected to be hard-fought contests as participants from top institutions will get their grey cells ticking.
One of the founding members of Jyoti and the organisers of the intercollege extravaganza, Ravi Patwa shared on Facebook that they had to refuse many entries as they already got plenty. “8 top Universities and Autonomous Institutions, 16 more top Colleges of North East for NERICIQ, 7 top Universities and 14 more colleges of North East for NERICID,” he wrote.
Reaching out to the audience he posted, “Attractive audience prizes, lots of fun. You just can’t miss it guys. Be there at Rajiv Bhawan tomorrow morning from 10 am.”
Indeed it’s unmissable. Here is the full list of participants as shared by Patwa.
1. IIM Shillong
2. Cotton University
3. National Law Univ, Ghy
4. Royal Global University
5. Tejpur University
6. Assam University
8. NIT Silchar
9. G C College
10. Ghy Medical College
11. Silchar Medical College
12. St Edmunds College
13. Assam Engg College
15. Cent Inst of Tech Kokrajhar
16. Ramanuj Gupta College
17. Cachar College
18. Rabindra Sadan College
19. Karimganj College
20. Barak Valley Engg College
21. Nabin Chandra College
22. S S Sarda College
23. Radha Madhav College
24. St. Capitanio
25. Maharshi Vidyamandir
1. Cotton University
2. National Law Univ, Ghy
3. Royal Global University
4. Dibrugarh University
5. Assam University
7. NIT Silchar
8. G C College
9. Silchar Medical College
10. St Edmunds College
12. Cent Inst of Tech Kokrajhar
13. Ramanuj Gupta College
14. Cachar College
15. Karimganj College
16. Barak Valley Engg College
17. S S Sarda College
18. Maharshi Vidyamandir
19. Nabin Chandra College
20. St. Capitanio
21. Radha Madhav College 

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Ravi Patwa had recently announced the name of speakers, mover of the motion and opposition leader. He posted on facebook, “The speaker of NERICID final would be his Excellency Honorable Governor of Nagaland Shri R N Ravi. Mover of the motion would be ex Commonwealth Inter-University Debate Runner Up and legendary Barak Valley Debator Prof. Partha Sarathi Chanda and Opposition Leader will be Mr. Nilanjan Roy, ex CEO, Times of India Group.”

Explaining the topics, Patwa wrote, “Motion of the Debate for the NERICID final is “Abrogation of Article 370 is a positive step”. In NERICID prelims, the motion would be “Media is responsible for the rising intolerance in the country.”

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