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Karimganj man reaches Silchar with his modified Lamborgoni; “Will gift it to CM at Circuit House,” he says

Karimganj’s Nurul Haque has reached Silchar with his version of a shining white Lamborghini designed for CM Himanta Biswa Sarma. Nurul Haque remodelled a Maruti Swift Dzire into the looks of a Lamborghini, the Italian car manufacturer. His goal was to present this remodelled vehicle to the Chief Minister and when he communicated with Himanta Biswa Sarma, he was asked to come to Silchar Circuit House along with his car today. While at Devdoot Point, the flashy lights of the car attracted everyone in the vicinity and people thronged in numbers for social media scores. 

Nurul Haque is professionally a car mechanic and his primary job is modifications and repair of existing cars. The proprietor of N Maruti Car Care in Bhanga took to car designing during the lockdown. After spending 10 lakhs and 20 thousand rupees, he has remodelled this car. Nurul says, it was his dream to gift this car to the CM and that is the sole reason behind making this car. It took him 4 months to build his version of Lamborghini. Even though the car is an open hood, Nurul said the car has been built keeping in mind the safety aspects of the CM. He said, upon communication with the CM, Himanta Biswa Sarma asked him to reach Silchar with the car.

When he reached Devdoot Point to reach the Circuit House, people thronged in large numbers to see the flashy design of the car, its lights and its looks. Hundreds of people stood surrounding the car for a selfie. Later he reached the Circuit House to wait for the Chief Minister, where he will spend the night.

It remains to be seen whether the CM will receive the gift Nurul made for the beloved “Mama” (masses in Assam affectionately address the CM as Mama, meaning maternal uncle). Sarma had reached Doloo to attend an event and upon his arrival at Circuit House after dinner at BJP Office in Itkhola. Whether the CM will sit for a test drive of Nurul’s remodelled Lamborghini remains to be seen.

Nurul is a resident of Anipur in Karimganj and has his workshop in Bangha, Karimganj. His remodelling of cars is quite popular in the valley and he certainly enjoys some popularity. To read more about Nurul Haque and his designs click here.

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