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Lakhs worth of cash and gold robbed from a businessman after a bloody confrontation in Dholai

Last night at around 1:30 am a group of 15 to 20 dacoits barged into the home of a Dholai based businessman by the name of Sujit Nath. They entered through the back door after breaking through it, armed with guns and sharp objects.

Nath who resisted giving up to the demands of the dacoits was beaten up black and blue and even his wife Anjana Nath was subjected to physical assault. It’s a family of three in the house, that is the father, mother, and their child with their shop just in front of their home along the Silchar-Mizoram highway in the Nutan Bazar area under the Dholai Police Station.

The family informs that cash worth 5 lakhs INR and gold amounting to 8 Lakhs INR was robbed from them by the dacoits after they had beaten them up. The miscreants were successful in fleeing away with the loot and the police only came in the morning, to begin with, their investigation.

It is important to mention here that a number of robbery cases have happened under the Dholai PS area over the last year but no real progress or success has been made by the cops. Will this bloody case of robbery bring some momentum in the investigation? Only time will tell…

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