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Locals in Udharbond vandalised Police van, kept personnel hostage for hours; Force deployed to rescue

Constable Pramesh Sinha from Udharbond Police Station went to Khaspur, Bagerkona to detain an accused. He was accompanied by a couple of CRPF personnel. As soon as they reached the spot, a young boy started running immediately after watching the Police van. CRPF personnel, after witnessing the suspicious run, chased the young boy and caught him.

This chase irked the locals as they feel, the Police chased an innocent resident of the neighbourhood. Pramesh Sinha, in his statement said that immediately after looking at the face of the young boy, he clarified that he is not the accused and he should be released. But the locals, by then started agitating. According to the locals, the men in uniform assaulted the innocent young boy.

More than a couple of hundred gathered and gheraoed the Police and CRPF personnel. Few of them started vandalising the Police van. The driver inside the van panicked and rushed away with the vehicle abandoning the Police personnel on the ground. The locals turned on flashlights and started filming the men in uniform who were doing their duties. They tried talking to the locals, but to no avail.

Eventually, in charge of Rongpur Police Station went to the spot with his PSOs and rescued the gheraoed CRPF and Police personnel. A few moments later, more reinforcement was deployed. DSP Headquarters, OC of Silchar Sadar, OC of Udharbond Police Station followed by a battalion of Assam Police personnel and CRPF reached the spot to claim dominance.

The officers were loud and clear in announcing that the Police won’t tolerate obstruction in duty and whoever was involved in gheraoing the officer on duty will not be spared. The situation on the ground came under control and the Police officials departed one after another.

The officers informed that an FIR was registered by Ramjan Ali Barbhuiya accusing Anar Ali Barbhuiya and Bobby Barbhuiya of an attempt to murder his mother. Reacting on the complaint, the Police went to detain Anar Ali Barbhuiya as they had the information that Anar Ali Barbhuiya is in Khaspur.

As per the FIR, both Ramjan Ali and Anar Ali are neighbours and last week, there was a quarrel between the kids playing together. The parents got dragged into the quarrel and started abusing each other. It is mentioned in the FIR that Anar Ali Barbhuiya attacked Ramjan’s mother with a sharp weapon leaving her bleeding on the floor.

As per the latest update from Police sources, the boy who ran after spotting the police van happens to be the brother in law of Anar Ali Barbhuiya. Police is further investigating the matter with a warning that actions will be taken if there is an obstruction.

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