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Monkey Attack Causes Power Outage, 300 Villages in Katigorah undergoes blackout in scorching heat

An unusual incident involving a group of monkeys has led to a significant power outage in the Katigorah region of Cachar district, leaving approximately 300 villages without electricity. The incident occurred when a troop of monkeys unexpectedly came into contact with a high-voltage 33 KV high-voltage wire at the Panchgram substation. The situation arose from a scuffle within the group of monkeys, causing several of them to come in contact with the high-voltage line. Tragically, three monkeys were electrocuted and died on the spot.

This contact with the high-voltage line resulted in damage to the electric infrastructure, leading to a widespread blackout in the Katigorah area. The affected villages are now grappling with the power outage amidst the ongoing intense heatwave, compounding the residents’ difficulties.

The Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) has acknowledged the incident and communicated the power disruption through its social media channels. Efforts are reportedly underway to restore electricity to the affected areas as swiftly as possible. “Due to the electrocution of monkeys in Panchgram GSS, they have cut off 33 kV outgoing fdrs for maintenance. It will take approx 90 minutes as per GSS for charging line”, Kalain Electrical Subdivision wrote on its Facebook page at 6:45 today evening.

It is unfortunate to see primates being electrocuted coming in contact with high-voltage wires. Residents of the affected villages have expressed their frustration and concern over the unexpected disruption. The APDCL has assured that teams are working to repair the damaged lines and restore normalcy.

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