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“My son – Parimal Suklabadiya’s driver is missing since Aug 2016, minister stopped us from lodging a complaint”: Shefali Dutta 

A man identified as Kajal Dutta who as per his mother Shefali Dutta, used to work as the driver of Dholai MLA and minister in Assam Government Parimal Suklabaidya. The 31-year-old Irongmara ward 1 resident is allegedly missing since August 16, 2016.

Recently, Shefali Dutta lodged a complaint in which she states that “My son Kajal Dutta who used work as minister Parimal Suklabadiya’s driver is missing since June 2016. Whenever I reached out to him asking about my son he said he will use his resources and try to find him. The minister stopped us from lodging a Police complaint.”

In the FIR signed by Dutta, it’s written that Kajal Dutta often used to stay back at Parimal Suklabaidya’s residence for 2-3 nights. However, on August 17, 2016, a female who used to work at the minister’s residence as a house-help reached out to Shefali Dutta with the message that her son is not at work. “My son went missing from the minister’s residence and that is why I plead to him that he will understand my condition and help us find him. I am a widow dependent on my son,” states the complaint.

While speaking with Barak Bulletin Shefali Dutta said that her son does not have any rivals, “Neither was he involved in any relationship or affair due to which he would run away. There is a surgery in his knee and hence he was not that fit. He used to work as minister’s driver and whenever the minister was traveling, he would take care of his fisheries,” said Dutta.

Minister of Forest and Environment, Excise and Fisheries, Parimal Suklabaidya could not be reached for comment in the story. People close to him are alleging a political foul play in this entire incident.

For now, Kajal Dutta is missing since August 2016 and his mother Shefali Dutta has lodged a complaint on November 30, 2019. The FIR signed by Shefali Dutta says on November 20, 2019, she visited the minister’s residence asking for her son. “None of them said anything to me about my son Kajal and that is when I decided to file a police complaint,” states the complaint lodged by Dutta.

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