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Post Office officials, newborn babies, banker among 71 new COVID positive cases in Cachar

The district has so far reported 71 COVID positive cases on Friday. The district health department informed that 36 of them were tested using the rapid antigen test kit and remaining through RTPCR.

Mrityunjoy Kumar, quarantine facility Masimpur (30), Titu Debnath, (27), Shib Bari road, Taraknath Lane, Tarapur, Mohankhal Cachar’s Tajammul Ali Laskar (62), Juramandir resident, Sandeep Nunia (21), Department of Microbiology, DEO SMCH, Sarif Uddin Barbuiya (65) of Madhurband, Link Road’s Dinendra Kumar Dey (75), Radhamadhab Road’s Trinath Kangsabanik (61), Veterinary’s Motia Nunia (45) are suffering from Influenza-Like Illness and have tested positive for the virus.

Contact tracing continued in the district and Ganganar PatVI’s Debanjan Nag (21), an 11-day-old baby of a COVID positive patient from Pechadhar, an 18-day-old baby of a COVID positive patient from Tikorbasti, Saratpalli Sonai Road’s Lakhi Das (30), Shivalik Park’s Mithun Roy, (36) have tested positive.

The number of officials to test positive from the Silchar Post office crossed 10 as Sakila Begum Laskar (42), Rabi Shankar Nath (43), Soumyabrata Chakraborty (26), Salim Uddin (45) have tested positive.

There was a banker on the list too. PNB Silchar’s Jadab Kumar Das (47) has tested positive for the virus. Apart from the banker, Healthcare worker, Krishna Nag, (47) have also tested positive for the virus.

The individuals who have a travel history and tested positive for the virus are:

Air passenger from Bangalore, Tarapur’s Nina Nath (27), Buribail Part II’s Mustafa Kamal Laskar (37) and Saif Uddin Laskar (27), Barjatrapur Chanpur Part I’s Chibtikur Rahman Barbhuiya (27), Larsing Tea Estate’s Shamu Urang (22), Srikona Part I’s Suhel Ahmed (22), Nutan Kanchanpur’s Minajul Islam (22), Noor Hussain (37), and Minajul Islam (21), Paloghat’s Parul Hussain (18), Bhairabpur, Kathigorah’s Dilwar Hussain Talukdar (25), Raipur, Krishnapur’s Rabija Khanam Barbhuiya (21), Suktola Dholai’s Imran Hussain (22), Islamabad, Bagha Bazar’s Altaf Hussain (24), Kandigram Gumrah’s Rabapak Roy (26), Purondopur Borkhola’s Dilbahar Hussain (22), Krishnapur Part I Ranighat’s Ajim Uddin (29) and Banskandi part II’s Afjal Hussain Laskar (30).

If you or your relative is on the list, please note: Due to the significant spike in the number of COVID positive cases in Cachar, it is possible that the administration has not informed you yet. Do not panic, isolate yourself, and if you feel your health condition is deteriorating then immediately contact Silchar Medical College and Hospital.

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