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Professors in the Universities of Shillong advise Assam students to stay indoors away from class

The situation is tense in Meghalaya which houses top colleges that aspirants in the northeast crave to get a slot. These students are now in an immense panic. 

Assam Guards killed five local Khasi tribals on November 22 in Mukroh, a territory at the Assam – Meghalaya border that the Chief Minister of Meghalaya claimed to be under his jurisdiction. Since then, the locals in Meghalaya have been staging protests and demonstrations across the state. Several incidents of attack on vehicles bearing number plates of Assam have been reported.

Today, senior professors across Meghalaya colleges urged students from non-tribal communities to stay at home. “It wasn’t a threat or a clarion call. The professor was concerned about our safety and so urged us to stay at home,” said a student on condition of anonymity.

Another student stated semester examinations are going on, so it is difficult to stay at home without attending classes. “We do not have access to the internet for remote classes and so there is no way we can miss our classes at this stage in our career,” asserted another question.

Today, a few vehicles in Meghalaya were vandalised by the protesters. These protesters got irked at the government of Meghalaya as the officials provided government vehicles to the commuters of Assam. It is worth mentioning here that people from Barak Valley are dependent on Shillong Road to travel to the rest of the country.

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