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SBI sends banking correspondents to containment zone to address financial needs

In Cachar district, several areas have been demarcated as containment zones by the district administration. No individuals are allowed to enter or exit the containment zone unless it is an essential service operated under the supervision of the administration.

People living inside the containment zones have complained that they have run out of cash and as per the law, they are not allowed to step outside the containment zones either. Responding to the complaints, Cachar administration decided to take necessary steps.

“Upon receiving public grievance request for difficulties being faced in using of ATM in Containment Zone, Banking Correspondent from SBI was immediately sent to address financial needs,” stated a post on the district administration’s official Facebook page.

The individuals were in PPE and they helped residents in the containment zone withdraw cash. A senior officer in State Bank of India said that banking correspondents are units of individuals outsourced to deal with small and tiny accounts and transactions. They are not employees of the bank but work in close coordination.

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