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Walking to office with baby-carrier; Cachar Police’s Sanchita Rani exhibits dedication for uniform

Sanchita Rani Roy a Police personnel deputed in Silchar PI Court has emerged as the talk of the town. She was seen walking into office with a baby carrier hanging with her chest. Peeped from it a six-month-old jolly baby and without speaking a world, narrated the story of her mother.

Sanchita Rani Roy, with her maternity leave all but over, rejoined duties. She reaches office everyday at 10:30 am and heads back home after completing the necessary hours. She has been carrying her baby to the office as her leave has not been granted.

“There is no one else at home who can take care of my baby and so I am bound to bring her to the work with me,” Sanchita Rani Roy. She says, it gets uncomfortable at times, but she has no other option.

Roy lives in rented apartment in Silchar’s Malugram area. She is grateful to her colleagues and department who has been very “accommodating” according to her. “I do leave a little early as it gets very difficult for the baby to be with me throughout the day,” she adds.

Her husband is a CRPF Jawan and on duty out of station. They don’t have their family members in Silchar and so, for Sanchita Rani Roy, the only way to keep her job is by making her kid – her co-worker.

Throughout the course of the discussion with the Press, when Sanchita Rani Roy explained her situation and why she is bound to bring her child to her work, she had a smiling face. No regrets, no cribbing, just moving ahead one step at a time.

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