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“Do not resort to violence,” Cachar DC’s clear message for students

Students of colleges affiliated with Assam University Silchar have been protesting for the past few days in the city demanding online conduct of their semester exams. The students have expressed apprehension of affliction to COVID virus if the exam is conducted offline, at a time when the cases are surging across the nation again.

The Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, Keerthi Jalli has expressed concern for the students and urged them to refrain from agitation. As the Assam University is an autonomous institution, the DC said that decision of whether to conduct the exams online or offline rests with the University administration.

“Whether to conduct the exam in offline or online mode, the decision-making power does not come under my purview and what we can do is only to provide a platform for students to raise their apprehension before the University authorities,” the DC said.

An emergent meeting was held at Cachar Deputy Commissioner’s office on Monday, in presence of Registrar of Assam University, principals of all colleges under the Cachar district, and few student representatives, where it was unanimously decided that the exam will be conducted offline as per schedule.

“Assam University is an autonomous institute and we cannot interfere with their decision making. They are governed by the UGC guidelines,” the DC said adding that other state universities like Guwahati University and Dibrugarh University apparently also went for offline mode of exam which is being followed by Assam University.

Addressing the concern of the students regarding COVID risks, the Deputy Commissioner mentioned that she can manage to offer required materials for screening of students ahead of entry into the examination hall. However, the decision to conduct of exam is outside her purview.

“I request every student not to resort in any violent means and also at the same time call off their protest. The discussion has already happened and I would request everyone to co-operate,” she said while wishing the students the very best for their examination.

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