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11 vehicles seized for charging excessive fare and not following protocols; "Drive will continue in Silchar," DTO

Locals in Silchar have been complaining about the unfair practices followed by the autorickshaws plying across the town. The COVID protocols prohibit them to carry more than two passengers and that is why they have doubled their fare. However, lately, the locals pay the increased fare and yet the rickshaw drivers carry five passengers.

Following the complaints about irregular practices, a team under the DTO has conducted an enforcement drive in the town areas. The DTO has seized 11 vehicles for non-compliance of social distancing norms and charging excessive fare.

While speaking with Barak Bulletin, DTO Siddharth Saikia said this drive will continue. “Recently DC madam went to the medical road for inspection and found that traffic jam is caused by irregular parking of autorickshaws and e-rickshaws. That is why we have launched this drive today,” said the DTO.

He added, “This will continue. Any vehicle irregularly parked will be fined. Along with it we will also book those who are charging excessive fare, not following the social distancing norms or COVID protocols.”

Saikia said the motive of this drive is to ensure lesser jams on the medical road and to see if COVID protocols are followed by the rickshaw drivers.

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