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12.5-foot King Cobra Rescued in Srikona: Conservation Enthusiast Trikal Chakraborty Leads Successful Operation

In a dramatic turn of events on Thursday evening, residents of Srikona near the ONGC office were startled when a giant snake slithered into a storage room of a local resident. The locals, unable to identify the species, caught only a glimpse of the reptile, heightening concerns among the community.

Swift action ensued on Friday when renowned Conservation Enthusiast, Trikal Chakraborty, known for his expertise in rescuing snakes, was called to the scene. Upon his arrival, Chakraborty promptly identified the intruder as a massive 12.5-foot King Cobra. The snake, evidently petrified in an unfamiliar environment, prompted immediate rescue efforts.

In conversation with Barak Bulletin, Chakraborty shared the details of the operation. “We successfully rescued this giant King Cobra from the Srikona area in Cachar on Friday. The serpent had entered a storage room, and with the cooperation of local forest staff, we were able to safely secure the snake. Following the rescue, we conducted awareness sessions among the locals and subsequently released the King Cobra back into its natural habitat,” he stated.

The King Cobra, one of India’s most iconic snake species, holds significant ecological importance. As a protected species under Indian law, the King Cobra plays a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance by controlling the population of other reptiles. Its venom is also a subject of interest in medical research.

Chakraborty emphasized the importance of such rescue operations, dispelling misconceptions about the snake’s ability to fend for itself. “While the King Cobra is a formidable creature, rescues are essential due to the instinctive human response of attempting to harm or kill the snake when encountered. Our aim is to ensure the snake’s safety and release it unharmed into its natural habitat,” he explained.

This incident serves as a reminder of the need for coexistence with wildlife and the importance of trained professionals in handling such situations. The successful rescue operation led by Trikal Chakraborty highlights the significance of community awareness and collaboration in safeguarding both human and animal lives.

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