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19 infiltrators detained in Silchar and 8 in Manipur return to Myanmar, 34 Indians return home

After the lockdown, the central government has started sending foreign infiltrators detained in India back to their respective countries. Recently, Bangladeshi infiltrators kept in detention camp inside Silchar Central Jail were sent back. This time a total of 26 Myanmar nationals, including 19 detained in Silchar, have been repatriated. They were repatriated through the Moreh border in Manipur on Thursday. At the same time, 34 Indian nationals detained in Myanmar were brought back to India. At noon the international border between the two countries was opened and citizens of both sides entered their respective countries. The work was carried out under the direction of the Home Ministry of the Central Government and was supervised by local government officials.

A police team led by Cachar DSP (Sadar) Sanjeev Bhargab Goswami left for Manipur on Wednesday night with 19 Myanmar infiltrators detained in Silchar. Arriving there at night they waited and the process of sending the infiltrators began on Thursday afternoon. In addition to Silchar, eight other Myanmar infiltrators were detained in Manipur. They were also sent back at the same time with them.

The 19 detainees in the detention camp at Silchar Central Jail were Sundarlal (25), Sanjay (20), Joy Kumar (23), Rambakan (22), Dharmendar (29), Anni Kumar (29), Raj Kumar (30) Manilal (24), Anil Kumar (22), Jayshankar (29), Thura (20), Kanailal (30), Daya Chand (30), Sunil Kumar alias Soni Kumar (25), Ajay Kumar (25), Dinat alias Dinesh (25), Kanaiya Lal alias Sonilal (24), Sanjay Kumar alias Sajan (30) and Sanjay Rabidas (26). They are residents of Kayuktaga and Payo districts of Myanmar.

According to official sources, they tried to enter Manipur through Assam during the lockdown period but got caught. They were caught on their way to Manipur via Jirighat at the end of May. They entered India without any valid documents and reached different parts of the country via Manipur and Assam. Some of them were working at a factory in Farukabad, Uttar Pradesh. Due to the lockdown, they lost their jobs and were caught trying to enter Manipur through Assam for returning to their country. They came from Farooqabad to Jirighat for returning to Myanmar. Their intention was to enter Manipur and return to Myanmar via the international Moreh border. But on the way to Manipur, they were intercepted by the police at Jirighat. The court later sentenced them to four months in prison for entering India illegally. At the end of their sentence,19 infiltrators were kept at the detention camp in Silchar Central Jail since last September.

The repatriation process began when the Indian government held talks with the Myanmar government. The Myanmar government verified everything and agreed to take them back. The day for repatriation was fixed through government talks. Besides repatriating 26 people stranded in India to Myanmar, 34 Indian nationals stranded in Myanmar were also repatriated back to India.

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