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2.5 crore pineapple; "Cachar sets new records," Agriculture department

The district of Cachar has set a new record in agricultural production in a given season. In the Fulertal area of the Cachar district, spread over an area of 1,500 hectares, pineapple cultivation takes place every year during the season. In this year’s rainy season, according to statistics provided by the district administration, the Fulertal pineapple cultivation has been able to produce 2.5 crores of pineapples which they reckon is a huge number.

According to the District Agriculture Department, winter food grains are cultivated in 95,000 hectares of land in the district in the current financial year and as a result of this cultivation, it has been possible to produce 4,08,500 metric tons of food grains.

Besides, 47,040 metric tons of summer season paddy has been produced in 11,200 hectares of land in the district. In all, a total of 5,02,790 metric tons of food products have been produced in 11,08,600 hectares of land spread over the district.

On the other hand, oilseeds have been produced in 2,650 hectares of land all over the district. The quantity of oilseeds produced is reported to be 1,650 metric tons. Seasonal vegetables have been produced in 5,832 hectares of land, due to which, 56,320 metric tons of vegetables have been produced. Besides, during the summer season, vegetables are produced in 18,400 hectares of land all over the district. A total of 3,12,800 metric tons of vegetables have been produced in this land, according to an official press release.

This press release has been issued by the DDIPR Barak Valley 

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