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21 days lockdown: Do we have enough supplies in Cachar?

Assam was already having a state lockdown two-days prior to the PM’s countrywide lockdown announcement. As a result, the prices of essential commodities started forging up in the market.

During the lockdown, the government announced that chemist shops and grocery stores will remain open. The Food Department of Cachar District Administration has released a list of food supplies available with their respective market prices. The district has rice stock enough to last for 11 days as of now. Dal, oil, onion, wheat, flour, sugar will last for near about 10 days.

As per the figures given by the administration, there are 21,115 packets of rice; 7,223 packets of masoor dal; 662 packets of moong Dal; 14,532 packets of sugar; 170 bags of wheat; 260 bags of flour; 870 bags of onion; 2,111 bags of potatoes; 1,281 bags of salt; 5,283 tins of mustard oil; 5,028 tins of refine oil.

Masoor dal is expected to last for 36 days, moong dal for 12 days, sugar for 29 days, onions for 2 days, potatoes for 3 days, mustard oil for 6 days and refine oil for 10 days.

During the 21-day lockdown officials are expecting more food items to reach the district with the government initiative. No instruction for providing ration as a grant has been given until now.

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