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2,920 kgs of Burmese betel nuts seized by Dholai Police during naka checking; 11 arrested 6 vehicles seized

The Dholai Police conducted a regular naka checking infront of Dholai Police Station on 22 January, 2023 starting from 10 pm for 24 hours. During the naka checking, 6 vehicles carrying huge quantities of suspected dry Burmese betel nuts were seized by the Police. The registration no. of the vehicles alongwith the respective quantities of burmese betel nuts seized from each of them are as follows : 1) AS-11-EC-0578 carrying 16 bags X 60 kgs, total = 960 kgs 2) AS-11-AC-1584 carrying 17 bags X 60 kgs, total = 1,020 kgs 3) MZ-01-L-8702 carrying 4 bags X 50 kgs, total= 200 kgs 4) AS-10-A-7781 carrying 5 bags X 50 kgs, total = 250 kgs 5) AS-11-D-0634 carrying 4 bags X 60 kgs, total = 240 kgs 6) A New auto which applied for vehicle registration (A/F) carrying 5 bags X 50 kgs, total = 250 kgs. A huge quantity of all total 2,920 kgs of burmese betel nuts were recovered and seized by the Dholai Police.

Alongwith seizing, 11 drivers and attendants were arrested by the Dholai police namely: (1) Fakhar Uddin Laskar (26 Yrs), S/O. Lt. Shorif Uddin, R/O. Vill. Rajnagar, (2) Altaf Hussain Laskar (26 Yrs), S/O. Motibur Rahman Laskar, R/O. Vill. Rajnagar, (3) Ansarul Alom Laskar (19 Yrs), S/O. Islam Uddin Laskar, R/O. Vill. Rajnagar, (4) Anowar Hussain Laskar (29 Yrs), S/O. Nizam Uddin Laskar, R/O. Vill. Rajnagar, (5) Misba Uddin Laskar (40 Yrs) , S/O. Shahab Uddin Laskar, R/O. Vill. Channighat, (6) Nazim Uddin Laskar (23 Yrs) , S/O. Abdul Kadir, R/O. Vill. Rajghat, Part-I, (7) Selim Uddin Mazumder (20 Yrs), S/O. Mohd. Hussain Mazumder, R/O. Vill. Jaydhanpur, (8) Baharul Islam Laskar (34 Yrs), S/O. Nizam Uddin Laskar, R/O. Vill. Jaydhanpur, (9) Minarul Azid Laskar (42 Yrs), S/O. Abdul Azid Laskar, R/O. Vill. Bongram, (10) Sahid Ahmed Laskar (27 Yrs), S/O. Kayum Laskar, R/O. Vill. Rangirghat, Part-I, P.S. Sonai, and (11) Amir Uddin Laskar (22 Yrs), S/O. Aftab Uddin Laskar, R/O. Vill. Jamalpur. All of them are residents of Dholai, Cachar which comes under the jurisdiction of Dholai Police Station.

In this regard a suo motto case has been registered by Dholai Police vide Dholai P.S. Case No. 19/2023, U/S. 120(B)/420/379/411/413 of IPC. On the basis of a written FIR received from ASI. Samar Singha all the accused have been arrested and tomorrow will be forwarded to Judicial Custody.

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