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3 dead at SMCH with COVID 122 +ve in Cachar; "Patients are coming late, early treatment can save lives," Dr. Bhaskar Gupta

Cachar district is starring towards a high number of COVID-positive patients today. Till 7:00 pm the district has reported 122 patients and many reports are yet to be attained. The alarming signs of the second wave are the high number of deaths in Silchar Medical College and Hospital’s COVID ward.

The Vice-Principal of Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH) informed that three individuals have died in the COVID ward of the hospital in the last 24 hours. At 1:00 am today (last night) 77-year-old Pinak Pani Chakraborty was declared dead. Chakraborty is a resident of Srigauri in Karimganj district and was admitted to the hospital’s COVID block on April 28.

Another Karimganj resident, 58-year-old Mrinal Kanti Dey was also declared dead at SMCH. He took admission to SMCH on May 1 and was declared dead at 6:30 am in the morning. Dey lives at Shyama Prasad Road in Karimganj.

Bhagatpur Silchar’s 57-year-old Debabala Sinha died at 5:30 pm today. Sinha was admitted to the hospital’s COVID block on April 29. Dr. Bhaskar Gupta informed that currently there are 90 patients in the hospital and out of them, 55 are in ward and 35 in ICU. 10 patients are under ventilator and 17 on oxygen support.

It is the same worry this year too that is keeping the doctors awake at night. The patients are only getting admitted to the hospital when their oxygen saturation levels witness a significant drop. “It is our appeal to the general public to visit doctors as early as possible. Once the oxygen saturation level drops, it becomes very difficult to save the patient,” said Dr. Gupta.

He added, “Patients are coming late to the hospital. Early treatment can save lives as we know thousands have already recovered successfully in Silchar Medical College and Hosptial.”

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