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66 new COVID positive cases in Barak Valley; 39 traveled from Bangalore, ATSP, Contact tracing among others

In a high one-day spike, Barak Valley reported 66 new COVID positive cases. Here is the district-wise break up of the cases:


Dulalgram Cachar’s Chompok Das (6-year-old) was found with Influenza-Like Illness. The doctors suggested him to take a COVID test and his reports turned out to be positive. The administration said the kid’s father will accompany him in the COVID ward at Silchar Civil Hospital.

Contact tracing continued in Cachar district and Bekirpar Cachar’s Swantana Sinha (47), Dholcherra, Cachar’s Mani Lal Brahma (35), Narsingpur’s Debashish Sharma (54), Dinesh CH Nath (80), Pranesh Nath (45), Debashish Nath (35), Sanjiv Kanti Nath (52), Debanghi Nath (34) tested COVID positive.

ENT eye ward Silchar Medical College and Hospital’s Miss Flory Hrangchal (35) also tested positive. She too was in the contact list of one of the patients tested positive earlier.

Bagpur’s Soknul Haq Laskar (35) was about to undergo surgery but before that the doctors suggested him to get a COVID test done. He was found carrying the infection.

The administration continued its Assam Targetted Surveillance Programme drive in Cachar and  Dholai’s Bina Roy (45), Sushanto Sinha (27), Rongpur part IV’s Amol Das (27) tested positive among the samples collected.

A total of 39 individuals who returned to Barak Valley from Bangalore tested positive on July 9. Among them the ones from Cachar are:

Katigorah’s Rabizul Ali Mazumder (19), Imran Hussain (24), Toibur Romman (21), Kabuganj’s Asit Kumar Singha (28), Dina Ch Singha (30), Motinagar’s Shah Alom (20), Kabul Hussain Ahmed (22), Abul Kasim (21), Abdar Hussain (21), Azhar Hussain (21), Chandpur part III’s Abdul Sadhir Mazumder (22), Sundori Part II’s Shah Alom (28), Azad Hussain (28), Tapang Part I’s Afzal Hussain Barbhuiya (20), Suktola Dholai’s Junaid Ahmed (19), Ali Hussain (21), Ali Ahmed (19), Jabir Hussain (31), Aminul Haque (19), Nutan Kanchenpur’s Ebadul Islam (31), Dholai Bazar’s Afsana Begom (20), Asreen Akhtar (6-months), Didarpur part III’s Sakir Ahmed Choudhury (20), Punirmukh’s Sahid Ahmed (18), Kajidhor Sonai’s Anup Kumar Das (27) and Tarapur’s Saharul Haque (22)


Residents of Hailkandi who traveled Bangalore and tested COVID positive are, Dinantpur’s Saibur Rahman Barbhuiya (24), Shub Uddin Barbhuiya (20), Saidur Rahman Barbhuiya (20), Nandgram’s Afzol Hussain Barbhuiya (24), Saruk Hussain Barbhuiya, Bolda Boldi’s Anwar Hussain Choudhury (20), Atikur Rahman Laskar (20), Aminul Islam Laskar (22), Borbond Part – I’s Immdadullah MZ (22), Boruncherra’s Anwar Hussain Choudhury (27), Lala’s Salimuddin Choudhury (22) Javed Hussain (18), Borjurai’s Mazmul Islam Laskar (19), Abdul Aziz Laskar (22) Jhalnacherra’s Fakrul Islam Mazumder (22)

Yesterday Hailakandi’s ADC Ranadip Dam, his PSO and peon had tested positive for COVID-19. The administration under ATSP collected samples of all the officials in Hailakandi DC’s Office. Lal Muhan Das (60), Sirajuddin Laskar (51), Bishnu Das (46), Salim Uddin Laskar (45) tested positive among the staff of deputy commissioner’s office. Hailakandi District Jail’s Rupak Das (30) also found carrying the infection.

Among the ones under Contact tracing in Hailakandi, Neetinagar’s Kalimuddin Laskar (23), Vichingcha’s Samsul Karim Laskar (26) tested positive.

Like Cachar, in Hailakandi too, two individuals were had to undergo a surgery tested COVID positive. They are Itorkandi part II’s Hasna Begum (30), Panchgram Hailakandi’s Dilwar Ahmed (27)


Two Karimganj residents tested positive for COVID 19 today. Patherkandi’s Rabia Begum (27) had ILI symptoms and she tested positive. Traveled from Bangalore, Badarpur’s Sanjay Das (28) was the other Karimganj resident be diagnosed infected by the virus.

-Please note that tests are run round the clock in SMCH. This Report generated on the basis of information available at 9:00 PM_

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