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7-year old minor rescued by 'Childline' from Dholai; Handed over to shelter home


Yesterday, on Thursday afternoon, members of the ‘Childline’ NGO have successfully rescued a child from the Dholai constituency of Cachar district. According to sources, the child was first discovered by locales of the Bagha Bazar area of Dholai on Thursday at around 11 am. Immediately, the locales contacted the toll-free helpline number 1098, after which Childline NGO, with the help of Dholai police rescued the child took him under the NGO’s custody.

After the child was rescued, a thorough medical examination was done on him and fortunately, no injuries or complications were found. On behalf of ‘Childline’, Debhashish Dey said, “The child was found abandoned at the Bagha Bazar area at around 11 am. We were contacted through the toll-free number, and then we went to rescue the child. With the help of the Dholai police, our NGO members took in the child, and a Medical examination was done to ascertain his health conditions. The child seemed fine after the tests, and is now handed over to a shelter home in Silchar.”

According to the rescuers, the name of the child is Abbas Uddin, aged 7-years old, who happens to be an orphan. As of now, the minor is under the care of a shelter home in Silchar where they will take care of the helpless child.

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