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91 in Cachar: 21-year-old Mousumi Chanda and 55-year-old Amarendra Biswas died after testing COVID +ve: "Death Audit awaited"

Cachar has reported 91 COVID positive cases on Thursday and the number can swell up above 100 believes Suman Choudhury, Media Expert, District Health Department. In his media statement, he said that the health department is worried as there is a rise in symptomatic cases in the district.

“We had seen a drop in the number of patients testing positive for COVID19 with Influenza-Like Illness and Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI). The number has started growing again and that is a worrying sign for the health department,” said Choudhury.

He has informed that all the symptomatic patients are being transferred to Silchar Medical College and Hospital. If the symptomatic cases keep growing at this rate, the medical facilities in SMCH will come under stress. Choudhury asserted that most of the individuals who tested positive today have come in contact with lab-confirmed COVD19 positive patients.

What comes as a piece of tragic news is that two individuals who had tested positive for COVID19 have succumbed at SMCH. Goniala Malugram resident, 55-year-old, Amarendra Biswas and 21-year-old Borjalenga’s Mousumi Chanda Choudhury, daughter of Subash Chandra Choudhury were both admitted to Silchar Medical College and Hospital and succumbed today.

While both of them tested positive for the COVID19 virus it is not yet confirmed if they died due to COVID. “We have sent the reports to the state level death audit board and after auditing, they will decide if this is a COVID death or not,” said Choudhury.

He added that both of them will be cremated at the crematorium near their respective residences. “We have seen that a COVID victim was cremated in Silchar Crematorium yesterday in the presence of MLA Dilip Paul and DC Keerthi Jalli. It has already been stated that the infection does not spread through smoke or ashes and therefore there is no point in obstructing the cremation,” added Choudhury.

So far, the reports of three slots have been and this report is based on the figures released till 8:00 PM on July 30.

Please note: We have updated the story, and changed the headline. Earlier we had written that Subhash Chandra Choudhury is the 21-year-old who succumbed at SMCH. The information was given in an official statement by the district media expert. Later, he corrected his statement and informed that the 21-year-old is Mousumi Chanda Choudhury and Subhash Chanda Choudhury is her father.

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