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A Call to Save our Beloved SCS

As an alumnus of Silchar Collegiate School, the recent news about the sorry state of affairs plaguing our alma mater is disheartening, to say the least. Once a revered name in the town, our beloved institution now faces an unprecedented crisis that has pushed it to the brink of virtual closure. The imbroglio unfolding within the school’s walls paint a stark contrast to the days when Silchar Collegiate School was synonymous with excellence.

The financial troubles besieging the school are alarming and mark a drastic departure from the era when our alma mater stood as a beacon of stability. Reports indicate that the school is grappling with a mountain of debt, plunging it into a financial abyss. The repercussions of this financial mismanagement are felt across the campus, affecting everything from infrastructure to the quality of education that was once the hallmark of Silchar Collegiate School.

The classrooms that once echoed with the enthusiasm of students are now witnesses to a decline in both physical and academic standards. The internal conflicts among the school’s leadership have only exacerbated the situation. Power struggles and infighting have created a toxic atmosphere, driving away the very educators who played a pivotal role in moulding our characters. The dedicated teachers who once made Silchar Collegiate School a nurturing environment are casualties of a power play that threatens the very soul of our alma mater.
The most poignant consequence of this decline is the impact on enrollment. Parents, once proud to enroll their children in Silchar Collegiate School, are now contemplating relocating their wards to other institutions. The very parents who, like ours, envisioned a bright future for their children within the hallowed halls of Silchar Collegiate School are now thinking twice. The choice to enroll in our alma mater, which was once an unquestioned decision, is now fraught with uncertainty.

As alumni, we cannot help but draw a painful parallel between the vibrant institution we remember and the current state of disarray. In our time, Silchar Collegiate School was not just a school; it was a community that fostered growth, knowledge, and camaraderie. The current predicament is a far cry from the institution that once stood tall, its name a source of pride for all associated with it.

The onus is on us, as members of the Silchar Collegiate School family, to rally together and advocate for change. We owe it to the legacy of our alma mater and the generations that follow to reclaim the glory that was once synonymous with Silchar Collegiate School. The journey ahead may be challenging, but it is a journey we must embark upon to ensure that the light of our alma mater continues to shine brightly, dispelling the shadows of decline that threaten to envelop it.
Reflecting on the past, we remember a time when Silchar Collegiate School was not just a school; it was a community, a beacon of educational excellence that earned reverence and respect. The current state of disarray is a stark departure from the vibrant institution we once knew, and it is our responsibility as alumni to address this crisis.

In this critical juncture, the strength of the Silchar Collegiate School lies in its community of dedicated alumni. We, as former students, can play a pivotal role in steering our alma mater away from the precipice. It is imperative for us to form a united front, leveraging our diverse skills, experiences, and resources to address the financial woes and restore the quality of education. The time has come for us to act collectively, drawing upon the strength of our shared history, to bring our beloved alma mater back to the pinnacle it rightfully deserves.

In the face of such adversity, I call upon all intellectuals, members of civil society, and, above all, fellow alumni to come together and save our alma mater. Silchar Collegiate School holds a special place in the hearts of all who have passed through its doors. It is a legacy worth preserving, not just for us but for future generations. Let us unite, lend our voices to the cause, and work towards restoring the glory of Silchar Collegiate School. The time to act is now, for if we do not, we risk witnessing the fading of a once proud name into the annals of forgotten institutions.

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