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A conversation with Swarupa Deb, one of the proprietors of ‘Fingers-2-Toes’

Silchar, or the “City of Love” as it is fondly called, is a place of fashion-lovers. Youngsters here like being in vogue and are always keen to try out new and trendy things!

Apart from impressive attire, hairdo and makeup, stylish nails are also a “must-have” these days. In a unique idea to provide advanced facilities for nail embellishment to the fashion-aficionados of Silchar, two aspiring entrepreneurs Swarupa Deb and Dev Dutta have started an exciting venture – Fingers-2-Toes, a state-of-the-art hub for nail styling.

Barak Bulletin caught up with Swarupa to know about their venture and other related aspects. Here are the excerpts:

BB – How did you come up with the idea of starting Fingers-2-Toes? What are your expectations from the venture?

Swarupa – Well, the idea was always to start something new in Silchar. We researched about various stuff, discussed different concepts and finally came up with Fingers-2-Toes considering that there was no nail styling salon in the town. We were confident that people here will love this and we will be able to achieve a good client base in the future.

We expect our venture to create a strong buzz in Silchar and gradually emerge as one of the favourite spots for fashion-lovers in the town.

BB – Tell us about the services and products available at your store. Any offers?

Swarupa – Services like nail extension, nail art, gel polish and many others are available with options like magnet cat-eye, chrome, French nails. Nail styling-related accessories and products are also available at our store.

BB – Nail art and nail styling is one of the most sought-after things among women, especially young girls, in big cities. Do you think your venture will create a similar buzz in Silchar?

Swarupa – Yes certainly! We are very much confident that our venture will create a similar buzz in Silchar. Youngsters (girls/ladies) here have immense interest and eagerness in fashion-related things and the concept, a first-of-its-kind in Silchar and Barak Valley, will surely be a big hit in the coming days.

BB –The trend of being “in vogue” has been on an increasing side among Silchar girls/ladies, especially in the past few years, with beauty salons, spas and tattoo parlours growing in large numbers and apparently getting a good response. What’s your viewpoint on this?

Swarupa – Well, it’s really amazing to see ventures like these getting a superb response from people in Silchar. This shows that there has been a positive change in the mindset of Silcharians and people are not stuck in old-school stuff. Fashion changes and evolves with time and it’s good to see that girls/ladies here embrace the change and like being in the latest of trends.

BB – What are your future plans? Where do you see your venture in the next couple of years?

Swarupa – Our future plan is make the venture grow bigger. We expect to get a good response from people so that our venture becomes a big hit in the coming days. In a couple of years, we would like to expand and open our branches in other places of the state.

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