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Actress Noor Malabika Das from Karimganj Found Dead in Mumbai Flat, Relatives Suspect Suicide

A decomposed dead body of a former air hostess of Qatar Airlines and an actress working in Mumbai was found in her flat in Mumbai this Sunday. Originally from Karimganj, Noor Malabika Das, Kajol’s co-star from ‘The Trial’ had allegedly killed herself out of dissatisfaction with her roles. The news reached her hometown this afternoon and since then there have been speculations and suspicions about her death. Das was discovered by her neighbours in a decomposed state, prompting suspicions of suicide due to her dissatisfaction with her acting career.

31-year-old Noor Malabika Das, who starred alongside Kajol in the 2023 legal drama ‘The Trial’, had been battling depression over her professional roles, according to her family. Her aunt told Karimganj Today that a foul odour coming from Das’ flat aroused suspicion among her neighbours. When repeated knocks on her door went unanswered, they broke it open to find her decomposing body hanging inside.

“Noor had been depressed about her career,” her aunt said. “This seems like a suicide because of her dissatisfaction with her profession.”

Das’ father, a retired assistant headmaster from Lakshmi Bazar High School in Karimganj had reached home yesterday after a brief stay with Noor. The Lokhandwala Police informed her brother and has since reached Mumbai, but her elderly parents, who had just returned to Assam after visiting her, could not travel again. Consequently, her final rites were performed by her friend, actor Aloknath Pathak, with the assistance of an NGO.

The police have collected various samples from Das’ apartment, including medicines and her mobile phone, to aid in their investigation. However, no suicide note was found. An accidental death report (ADR) has been filed, and an autopsy has been conducted.

The All Indian Cine Workers Association has called for a thorough investigation into Das’ death, urging Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis to look into the underlying issues causing tragedies within the Indian film industry.

Noor Malabika Das’s sudden demise has cast a shadow over her hometown of Karimganj, where speculation and suspicion about the true nature of her death continue to mount. The actress is known for her roles in web series such as ‘Siskiyan’, ‘Walkaman’, ‘Teekhi Chatni’, ‘Jaghanya Upaya’, ‘Charamsukh’, ‘Dekhi Andekhi’, and ‘Backroad Hustle’, leaves behind a grieving family and a troubled legacy.

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