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Sanjay Market to become a 9-floor high rise shopping mall

Sanjay Market in Rangirkhari is set to undergo a major makeover. Within the next seven days, construction work to build a 9 storey mall will begin. The information was announced at a press conference yesterday by chairman of Silchar Municipality Board Niharendra Narayan Tagore.

He informed that close to Rs 20 crore will be spent to build the mall in a public-private-partnership (PPP) model. ‘Joy Thakur Construction Company’ has got the contract and its spokesperson Soumitra Dutta Roy was also present at the press conference.

The construction of this mall was put on hold by Laya Madduri administration as the plan was spread across 60 per cent coverage area. SMB submitted a new layout with 40 per cent coverage and on December 26, it got the necessary approvals.

Tagore said, “The proposal to build a mall in Sanjay Market was laid in 2006 but the erstwhile boards could not execute the plan and therefore it was lying abandoned.”

Tagore informed that the new mall will be called Rangirkhari Municipal Market and Rs 1 crore will be invested in the development of the Satsang Market located in College Road, Silchar.

Soumitra Dutta Roy added, “We have managed to overcome all the obstacles, all the legal issues are now sorted. Now we are focussing on making this a world class mall. The basement and ground floor will be ready in next 18 months.”

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