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APDCL Officials Demanded Money Without Receipt: Consumer Files Complaint in Karimganj

Recently an index was published on the citizen’s perception of the Indian Policing system based on different parameters; the index suggests that Assam Police has been able to maintain a good perception among the common people. But there’s a certain possibility that the scenario might turn out to be different for other government departments and their perception. Among many other responsibilities, any Government can be made accountable for failing to provide services to the citizen with transparency.

Bonita Nath had a bitter experience while dealing with the APDCL officials’ and lodged a complaint accusing SDO APDCL Karimganj and one other employee associated with the office for allegedly demanding a bribe.

Compliant Barnita Das, who stays in Guwahati, has lodged the complaint to the General Manager of APDCL Karmganj District and DC Karimganj. Barnali says that her father Binay Bhusan Nath has two domestic electricity connections in his name in Karimganj. The complaint claimed that one domestic connection was inactive for more than a year, while the other one was functional with regular payments of tariffs.

However, the Office of APDCL Karimganj had served a notice to Binay Bhushan Nath, stating that their electricity connection would be cut off if they don’t pay the outstanding tariffs. Barnita Nath paid all the outstanding amounts according to the notice and urged the department to resume both connections.

But Barnita Nath faced a lot of hurdles while dealing with the APDCL officials for the resumption of electricity connection to their house in Karimganj. She alleged that she received a phone call from a certain number and the person demanded an extra amount of money for the electricity reconnection. She said, “I told them I can’t pay the extra money, but I shall provide you tips. But they demanded 1500 rupees for the installation of electrical connection without providing any receipt.” Barnita warned them that she would take this to the SDO of APDCL, but the alleged individual seemed too unbothered. When she approached SDO of APDCL Karimganj, he was not paying any hid to her complaint and he was acting indifferent.

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