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Armed Dacoity on Kalain Road: CUET UG Returning from Shillong Attacked, Three Suspects Apprehended

The Tingori area on Kalain Road has recently become notorious for a spate of armed dacoity incidents. Despite continuous efforts by the Bhangarpar Police, these violent crimes have been on the rise. In the latest occurrence, five armed men brazenly stopped a Bolero travelling from Shillong to Silchar early this morning, robbing its occupants of their valuable belongings.

The victims, six individuals returning from Shillong after going to attend the CUET-UG exam, were ambushed around 3 AM. Among the travellers were Shakirul Islam Laskar and his family. Two of the students had originally planned to take their exams in Shillong, Meghalaya, but opted to return and appear in Silchar upon noticing a change in exam centres.

Describing the harrowing incident, Shakirul Islam Laskar recounted, “We were crossing a bridge when we saw thick ropes tied across it, forcing us to stop. Suddenly, 4 to 5 men armed with machetes and other sharp objects surrounded our vehicle. They made us roll down the windows and threatened us with knives to hand over all our money and the women’s gold ornaments. They also took a mobile phone and struck us several times.”

After the dacoits made off with ten thousand rupees in cash, gold jewellery, a mobile phone and other valuables, the victims immediately reported the incident at the Bhangarpar Police Outpost. Acting swiftly, Officer Bipul Biswas and his team launched an investigation, accompanying the victims to the crime scene.

During their pursuit to Katigorah, the police successfully apprehended three suspects: Babul Hussain Sheikh, Amirul Sheikh of the Sharishakuri area, and Kuam Uddin Sheikh of Tingori, Katigorah. These individuals were identified by the victims and were captured in an Alto 800 car.

The arrested suspects have been transferred to the Bihara Police, with Bhangarpar Outpost In-charge Bipul Biswas overseeing the handover. Efforts are ongoing to locate and arrest the remaining dacoits involved in this crime.

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