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Assam Government introduces dress code for teachers in educational institutions

In a new development, the Department of School Education under the Government of Assam has issued a notification introducing a mandatory dress code for teachers in all educational institutions. The move comes as a response to concerns raised about some teachers wearing attire that is deemed inappropriate or unprofessional, which has drawn negative attention from the public.


The notification, signed by Narayan Konwar, the Secretary to the Government of Assam, Department of School Education, emphasizes the significance of teachers as role models and their responsibility to maintain decorum, decency, professionalism and a serious demeanor while discharging their duties.


According to the prescribed dress code, male teachers are required to wear appropriate formal attire, specifically formal shirts and pants while casual clothing such as t-shirts and jeans are prohibited. On the other hand, female teachers are expected to dress in decent salwar suits, sarees or mekhela-chador while casual attire like t-shirts, jeans and leggings is deemed unsuitable.


The dress code further emphasizes the importance of cleanliness and modesty, with teachers being encouraged to choose sober colors and avoid flashy or party apparel. The government emphasizes that compliance with the dress code is mandatory, and any deviation may lead to disciplinary action as per existing rules.


This initiative aims to ensure that teachers present themselves in a manner that reflects the seriousness and professionalism associated with their profession. By adhering to the prescribed dress code, teachers are expected to set a positive example for their students and maintain a conducive learning environment.

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