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Assam Govt. confers former Cachar DC, Dr. S Lakshmanan with 'Assam Saurav Award', Ratan Tata with 'Assam Baibhav': CM announces list

The Government of Assam has introduced three new state honors for the civilians and will be conferring them to 19 individuals from different walks of life and profession. Dr. Lakshmanan S, the director of National Health Mission is being chosen as the awardee of the Assam Saurav title. Dr. Lakshmanan had served as the Deputy Commissioner of the Chachar District in past.

Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma published the list of awardees in a press conference held today at Guwahati. The state government has decided to honor the individuals who had made immense contributions to the society from different professions, said the Chief Minister.

Assam Government will be conferring 13 Assam Gaurav, five Assam Saurav, and one Assam Baibhav Awards for this year which is marking the debut of this state honor.

The three prestigious awards are entitled with cash rewards, The ‘Assam Baibhav’ award will carry cash of Rs. 5 lac, ‘Assam Saurav’ will carry cash of Rs. 4lac and ‘Assam Gaurav’ will carry cash of Rs. 3lac.

The first Asom Bhaivab title- the highest civilian award in the state will be given to industrialist tycoon Ratan Tata. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma made this announcement in New Delhi on December 3.



Talking to the media, the Chief Minister said, “In sync with the Siu-Ka-Pha Divas, I make this announcement that the State Government will confer the first Asom Bhaivab Bota on Ratan Tata for his immense contribution in setting cancer hospitals in Assam. We will announce the date for the conferment of the award very soon.”

CM Samra also announced that the award will be conferred each year under these three categories and the award ceremony will be held every year on “ Asom Divas’ i.e on December 2 every year. However, this year the award ceremony will be held on January 24, 2022. Dr. Sarma also informed the media that from next year there will be a voting system to nominate the awardees.

The full list of the award is:

Assam Baibhav Award
1. Ratan Tata

Assam Saurav Award
1. Professor Kamalendu Deb Krori- Educationist
2. Dr. Lakhsmanan S- Public Service
3. Professor Dipak Chand Jain- Business Management
4. Lovlina Borgohain- Sports
5. Neel Pawan Baruah- Art & Culture

Assam Gaurav Award
1. Munindra Nath Ngatey- Public Service & Vaccination
2. Dr. Basanta Hazarika- Health & COVID Management
3. Akash Jyoti Gogoi- Poultry Farming
4. Manoj Kr. Basumatary- Piggery Farming
5. Khorsing Terang- Sports & Mountaineering
6. Boby Hazarika- Woman Entrepreneur
7. Hemoprabha Chutia- Weaving
8. Namita Kalita- Health & Public Service
9. Bornita Momin- Public Service
10. Dharanidhar Boro- Wildlife Conservation
11. Kaushik Baruah- Agro Exporter & Entrepreneur
12. Kalpana Boro- Public Service
13. Asif Iqbal- Health & Medicine

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