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Assam Police arrests 'Kissing Baba' Ram Prakash Chauhan

In a time when public display of affection is scorned upon, a godman has also found himself in trouble over his ‘kissing’ powers. Ram Prakash Chauhan, also known as the Kissing Baba for his chamatkari chumban (miraculous smooch) has been arrested by the Morigaon district police.

Three months back, Ram Prakash had set up a temple in the district’s Bhoraltup village. He claimed that he possessed supernatural powers to solve physical and psychological problems of women.

J. Bora, head of the Morigaon police that arrested Chauhan, told The Hindu, “We arrested him after receiving complaints that he was hugging and kissing women as some kind of therapy. He was exploiting his devotees, especially women.”

The police also arrested his mother for promoting her son and his powers, which they claimed was a gift from Lord Vishnu.

Such self-proclaimed god man and therapeutic healers are not a new business in India. They thrive on superstition and beliefs of humans. Their prime targets are simpletons, who get carried away by them and end up losing a lot- financially, mentally and physically.

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