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Assam police deports 6 Hindu and 14 Muslim Bangladeshi nationals

Some spent three years in the lock up while some did not see their family members for five. 20 such Bangladeshi individuals were deported back to their country through Sutarkandi border in Karimganj. Of the 20 six are Hindus while 14 belong to the Muslim community.

All the 20 individuals were arrested by Assam police for entering India illegally at different point of time. Alorani Das, who was locked up in the cells at Silchar jail for a period of close of three years said she visited India to see her sister who resides in Badarpur area. “When I got down from the train in Badarpur station Karimganj Police arrested me,” she informed.

Another individual headed home, Ikbal Hussain Talukdar said he was arrested by Hailakandi Police, “I am happy I will be back with my family again,” he exclaimed with joy.

The 20 individuals are: Shekhar Namasudra (Sylhet), Sujita Chandra Das (Sylhet), Ikbal Hussain Talukdar (Sylhet), Isak Ali (Sylhet), Azim Uddin (Sylhet), Ahmed Uddin (Sylhet), Sameer Ahmed (Sylhet), Abdul Gafur (Sylhet), Chand Ali (Sylhet), Aleem Uddin (Sylhet), Abdul Latif (Sylhet), Rabindra Das (Kishoreganj), Digen Chandra Das (Kishoreganj), Shah Ali Miya (Kishoreganj), Ibrahim Talukdar (Sylhet), Farukh Miya (Moulabi Bazar), Sayed Al Amin (Habibganj), Rabiul Saddar (Gopalganj), Parimal Jaldas (Kox Bazar), Alorani Das.

It was widely reported by local media that today morning 20 of them would be deported and that generated a lot of buzz in the town.

In the morning a huge crowd gathered in front of Silchar Jail in Jail road. All 20 of them were escorted to a bus which took them to Sutarkandi border in Karimganj. There, the Indian officials handed over all 20 individuals to Bangladesh authority which acknowledged them as Bangladeshi citizens and then received them.

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