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"Don't throw your weight around, lose it!" Assam Police launches BMI collection drive, VRS for unfit, overweight

The Assam Police Headquarters has announced a groundbreaking initiative to collect official data on the Body Mass Index (BMI) of all police personnel across various levels within the Assam Police. This strategic move, under the directive of the Chief Minister of Assam, aims to prioritise the health and fitness of police officers and enhance their overall performance.

In line with the directive, IPS/APS officers, as well as District Executive Force (DEF), Battalion (BN) and other organisational members, will undergo the BMI assessment. The BMI data collection process will begin on August 16 with the BMI measurement of the Director General of Assam Police GP Singh. Over the course of the next three months, all police personnel will have the opportunity to manage and improve their BMI.

The Assam Police Headquarters has set a target deadline of August 15 for officers to focus on their health and make necessary lifestyle modifications to achieve a healthy BMI. Subsequently, their BMI will be recorded within the next 15 days.

Police officers identified as having a BMI exceeding 30, indicating obesity, will be granted an additional three months until the end of November to work towards weight loss. However, failure to meet the target by the given deadline may result in voluntary retirement for those individuals.

It is important to note that officers suffering from health conditions such as thyroidism, which may affect their BMI, will be exempted from the BMI rule. The Assam Police Headquarters acknowledges the unique circumstances that some officers may face and aims to ensure a fair and inclusive approach in implementing the BMI assessment drive.

The news on Assam Police’s BMI drive was shared by DGP GP Singh on his twitter and facebook handles. Quoting his message, the official handle of Assam Police wrote “Don’t throw your weight around, lose it!

As Police Officers, we need to be physically fit to serve our beloved people.

Wellness is a not just a necessity, but should be embraced as a way of life.”

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