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Assam Rifles conducts Ex-Servicemen rally in Silchar

Assam Rifles Ex-Servicemen rally was conducted earlier today in Silchar, to honour and commemorate the contribution of the Assam Rifles veterans. The rally for retired Assam Rifles personnel and their families was organised by Number 2 Maintenance Group Assam Rifles under the aegis of Headquarters, Inspector General Assam Rifles (East).

The rally was inaugurated by Brig Birbal Singh Jakhar, Officiating Inspector General, Headquarters Inspector General Assam Rifles (East) and was attended by approximately 500 retired Assam Rifles personnel, widows, families and children. A team of Doctors, Dental Officers and staff from Assam Rifles Ex-Servicemen Association (ARESA), Headquarters, Director General Assam Rifles, Shillong participated in the rally.

The aim of the rally was to address the grievances of the pensioners of Assam Rifles and provide them with basic medical support. In addition to this, deliberate efforts were made to solve their problems in situ and obtain details of problems which could not be resolved, for subsequent redressal. The pensioners were updated with the latest benefits available regarding pension and welfare matters. Award winner pensioners, widows, handicapped and all Ex-Servicemen were also presented token gifts on the occasion. A booklet containing present service benefits to Assam Rifles retired personnel was distributed to all the attendees.

A Medical and dental camp was also set up for providing free medical and dental check-up for all Ex-Servicemen by team of doctors from Assam Rifles, Silchar Medical College & Hospital and Cancer Hospital, Silchar.

The rally concluded with a grand lunch and all participants disbursed with a sense of satisfaction. The rally provided the much-needed opportunity for redressal of grievances to the veterans.

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