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Assam University extends registration validity for TDC CBCS programme to 6 years following UGC guidelines

In a significant regulatory shift, Assam University has announced amendments to its regulations concerning the validity of registration period for TDC CBCS (Three-Year Degree Course under Choice-Based Credit System) programme. The alterations have a direct impact on students with backlogs after the end of their 3 year long course.

Previously, as per Sub Clause 10.3 of Clause 10 in the AUS TDC CBCS regulations formulated back in 2018, the maximum duration for completing TDC CBCS programme was set at 3+2=5 years. This entailed a regular 3-year duration for students without backlogs or those who cleared their backlogs during their course period. For students still facing outstanding backlogs beyond the standard 3-year period, the maximum allowed duration to appear for backlog exam(s) was upto 5 years from the date of one’s registration.

The transformation in these regulations is due to a letter issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC) on October 15, 2015. This UGC directive sought to establish a uniform time frame within which students could qualify for their degrees, prompting Assam University to extend the total duration of TDC CBCS course to 6 years (i.e. 3+3) from the date of one’s admission. The additional 6th year will therefore be designated as a special examination year only for students with outstanding backlogs.

For instance, students who enrolled in the TDC CBCS programme during the 2018-19 academic session will now have the opportunity to attempt their backlog papers from Odd Semester(s) in the upcoming TDC CBCS Odd Semester Examination tentatively scheduled for November-December 2023. They are also permitted to attempt their backlog papers from Even Semester Examination(s) in the subsequent Even Semester Examination which will be held in 2024.

The Assam University authorities have provided this information through our correspondent for dissemination to the public, and a formal notification from the University administration will also be issued soon.

It maybe mentioned that the TDC CBCS system was introduced by Assam University in the year 2018 with the registration year of the first TDC CBCS batch being 2018-19. Hence, students from that batch who are still having backlog(s) can clear them before their registration validity ends.

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